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Our Clients

Hospitals, hospital systems, and practice groups looking for
board-certified urologists. Our clients have ranged in
size from the smallest clinic to the largest HMO, from New York to
California and Alaska to Texas.

What they’ve all had in common: a need to get serious about their
urology search, and fast.  That’s why they called Case Recruiters.

If you need a urologist, call Michael Case today.  Call
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Our Candidates

Resident and practicing urologists ready to find the perfect job.

Our candidates know that there’s a bewildering array of job
opportunities in today’s urology market, and they count on Case
Recruiters to help them find the position that’s right for them.

If you’re a urologist coming out of residency, or if you’re a practicing
urologist looking for a better job — somewhere in the mountains,
perhaps, or on the coast, or maybe just one with more favorable call or
better compensation — we can help you find your dream job.

Call Michael Case toll-free, today, at 877-404-3842, and email your
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